Welcome to Music at St. Patrick’s!

Music is an integral part of the Fine Arts programs at St. Patrick. With a learning style based on the Kodaly method, we believe that music is an innate part of every human experience.

General Music Pre-K through 3rd Grade)

Students in Pre-K through 3rdgrade attend music class once a week. In a collaborative, fun, yet hard working atmosphere, students will learn the basics of music literacy and are exposed to several genres of music and several mediums at which music is performed (choir, orchestra, band, etc.) to learn more about our world’s history and other cultures. Through purposeful practice, our young singers learn to manage, master, and refine simple, then complex, skills and techniques, and exhibit their musical artistry in two performances each year, the Christmas Concert in December and the Fine Arts Night in May.

Upper Elementary Music Electives (4th & 5th Grades)

Students in 4thand 5thgrade may choose between choir or band for their music elective. 4th/5th graders who are in either band or choir class are welcome to be part of  the Friday school Mass chorale.

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir is a place where students can be creative in an environment full of encouragement, cooperation, and hard work. Though there is certainly an independent element to singing, much of what is accomplished in the Youth Choir is done as a team. Students in Youth Choir will sing vocalizes and 2-part choral selections (using proper vocal technique and maintaining pitch), learn and practice beginner-level rhythmic and melodic sight-reading, use the movable-do system and Kodaly hand signs for solfege syllables, and listen to and perform a variety of styles of choral music. Youth Choir’s annual performances include the Veteran’s Day Celebration, Christmas Concert, and Fine Arts Night.


Our Upper Elementary Band program is new this year! Our curriculum introduces 4th and 5th grade students to the elements of music in a team-focused, instrument-based environment. Through the recorder, students learn performance etiquette, the music's roles in society, how music is created, and how they can create music of their own.

Middles School Music electives

Students in 6th, 7th, and 8thgrade may choose between choir or band for their music elective.

Middle School Choir

Middle School Choir is designed to help your student master the skills associated with the elements of music, including the appreciation, creation and performance of choral and vocal music. Students will become proficient in sight-reading rhythmic and melodic music at an intermediate level. Performances are a crucial part of musical growth. Our yearly concerts include the Veteran’s Day Celebration, the Christmas Concert, the Choral District Music Performance Assessments (MPA), and the Fine Arts Night, as well as field trips visiting local elder care communities, National Anthem performance at UF basketball games, choral clinics at local universities with instruction from college professors, and participation in the Annual Florida All-State Choirs.

The St. Patrick’s Middle School Choir (treble voices or mixed choir) is dependent on overall voicing and number of students in each voice part. For optimal sound and success, each section must be close-to-equal in number. Below are the specifics for vocal ranges and voice parts: Soprano: C4 – G5, Alto: A3 – D5, Baritone: F3 – F4.

Middle School Band

Our Middle School Band program is new this year! Students work together to learn how to create, manipulate, perform, analyze, and discuss music. In Middle School students choose their own instrument and, through the Essential Elements curriculum, learn how a concert band functions, while working towards public performances.

If you are interested in finding out more information about St. Patrick’s Music Department please contact our Music Director Nikki Cochran


More Information

If you are interested in finding out more information about St. Patrick’s Music Program, please e-mail our music director,  Nikki CochranAny and all information regarding field trips, rehearsal schedules, quiz dates, and part recordings are found below