Students will take a Historical Journey from early Mesopotamia through the Renaissance, six thousand years and counting. This course will help students develop their knowledge and understanding of Ancient civilizations and how these early cultures, such as the Romans and Greeks, influenced our lives today. Students will gain knowledge and learn the methods of historians and practice critical thinking skills. They will also utilize historical perspective to better understand the Present.



Students will study the foundations of American democracy and the origins of American government and citizenship. A critical approach will emphasize the constitution and social justice, specifically regarding the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society. Additionally, the roles of political campaigns, elections, social movements, and the media, as well as the geographical and economic impacts, will be studied.



Students will examine the roots of the United States, beginning with Native Americans, moving forward to the British settlement in the American colonies, Slavery, followed by the American Revolution, and the launching of a New Nation, the creation of the Constitution and The Civil War, ending the course with Reconstruction. Students will take a look at how these formative events continue to shape American values and beliefs.