Class Curriculum

In the first semester of school, the class will focus on fall thematic units and the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Some of our units will include:

  • all about me – making a personal doll
  • families and making a family tree
  • how apples grow, taste, and the use of apples in art
  • leaves and their beautiful fall colors
  • from seed to pumpkin, carving and cleaning the gooey pumpkin, and tasting roasted pumpkin seeds
  • fire safety awareness with a possible visit from the Gainesville Fire Department.
  • weather and the nesting and hibernation of our animal friends

For more hands on learning, PK4 may take fields trips which include the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo and the Pumpkin Patch.

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, our focus will include being thankful for God’s blessings, our gifts to others, and the birthday of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As with all of our thematic units in PK4-VPK, our activities are enhanced and enriched with fun hands-on learning in the areas of religion, emergent reading and writing, math, science, social studies, and arts/crafts.


Pre-K4 Supply List PDF 2022/2023

◊ Nap mat (Full time students only)(NO SLEEPING BAGS)

◊ Change of clothes labeled in a ziplock

◊ For cubby please bring a small travel pillow and small blanket for nap time, cubby space is very small.

No need to label individual supplies as all supplies are shared except for 2"white binder (only label binder please)