Class Curriculum

What exciting and fun-filled days we have in Pre-K 3 utilizing hands on, age appropriate activities that develop manipulative and social skills. The activities are coordinated with a one or two week unit using seasonal and/or religious themes as appropriate.


The morning starts with the children participating in individual “Table Activities” using manipulatives for counting, sorting, categorizing, and matching. They can also use puzzles and pre-readiness folder games. “Group Time” follows and it begins with a morning prayer; afterwards, the children get their job assignments for the day (Line Leader, Lunch Helper, etc.) Then, we read a story relating to the unit, do finger-plays, and sing songs. A short break for snacks follows before spending time at the “Play Centers” (blocks, trucks/cars, dollhouse, puzzles and books, etc.) and doing art such as painting with different objects, tearing, cutting, and gluing. Another “Group Time” follows during which the children do science experiments. These consists of activities such as exploring what happens when Humpty Dumpty falls, or matching a picture to the sound an object makes, or using the “Sensory Bag” to determine what an object is without seeing it, and/or learning to make healthy choices based on their positive or negative effects. Now it is time for “Outside Play” on the playground and having lots of fun with our friends. Then, we come in to wash our hands and faces, have lunch, go to the bathroom, and then, take a well-deserved nap.


Our afternoon starts with a snack. We then have our afternoon “Group Time” at which time we read Bible stories and sing Bible songs. We finish our day with “Outside Play” on the playground with the slide, sandbox, clubhouse, caterpillar jungle gym and riding vehicles.

Overall, it is a fun day of learning, sharing and socializing.


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