As a Visual Art teacher, my biggest hope is for my students to find joy in their individual creative expression. I just want to make them
really in their individual creative expression. I just want to make them really really good at it. For a day to day view into the Art Room,
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Kindergarten & First Grade Art:

Primary, Secondary, Neutral Colors
Color Temperature
Geometric vs. Organic Shapes
Correctly identify 3D Shapes
Explore the world around us through the eyes of an Artist

Second & Third Grade Art:

Symmetry and Asymmetry in Nature
Begin to explore Greek and Egyptian Art
Positive and Negative Space
What is a color wheel?
How contrast can be used in Art

Fourth & Fifth Grade Art:

Complementary colors
Tints, Tones, and Shades
Monochromatic colors
Radial Symmetry
Facial Proportions
Movement and Emphasis in Art
How color effects Mood
What is or is not Art?

Supply List Elementary

**Please check supply list by grade**



Sixth & Seventh Grade Art
Still Life Drawing
Illusion of Depth and Space
Exploring Painting Techniques
Monochromatic, Complementary, Triadic, Analogous, and Split-Complementary color schemes
Using color schemes in art creation
Using intentional choices in Original Art
One-Point Perspective
How Elements of Art and Principles of Design are used in the Creation of Art
Eighth Grade Art
Drawing Techniques to render objects
Early 20th Century Art and Artists
Abstract Art
Logo Design
Practicing Studio Habits of Mind