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St. Patrick Interparish School







St. Patrick Interparish Catholic School fosters religion, respect and responsibility through a Christ-centered curriculum based on Catholic tradition, academic excellence and service to the community.




This Policy Handbook has been developed to help you and your students obtain the greatest possible benefit from your school experience.  It contains information about the policies, rules and regulations which guide St. Patrick Interparish School in the administration of its educational program.







We, the Catholic school community, of the Diocese of Saint Augustine, strive to provide a Jesus centered educational environment rooted in Gospel values and in our rich Catholic heritage.



St. Patrick Interparish Belief Statements



1.   A Catholic school reflects the integration of Catholic faith and values with learning and life to develop each student’s positive self-image.


2.   The building of a faith community should be clearly articulated and constantly pursued to provide an emotionally and physically safe environment.


3.   Catholic practices such as liturgical celebrations, prayer opportunities, and the presence of sacred images should be integrated into the students’ experiences and shared in an atmosphere of respect for religious and cultural diversity.


4.   Service is an integral part of living the gospel values, which are at the heart of all personal interactions and organizational activities.


5.   Each student is recognized and valued as an individual child of God with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.


6.   Students need to apply their learning in meaningful context to promote confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.


7.   Students need to be challenged to demonstrate an understanding of essential knowledge and skills with evidence of active problem-solving and quality work ethic.


8.    Students deserve the opportunity for success and may require special services and resources.


9.   Students should be challenged through a variety of curriculum and instructional practices to demonstrate their full potential and individual learning styles.


10.  The staff and faculty witness to the Gospel by what they teach and how they live, and together with the parents and community share the responsibility for advancing our school’s mission.




Parents as Models

Parents are the first and foremost teachers.  No school can or should take over the obligations of home training.  We, as a school community, recognize your responsibility to:


Have your child accompany you to weekly liturgies/worship.

Support our curriculum, which upholds intellectual achievement, Catholic faith, and Christian morals and values.

Stress to your child that a complete education includes training the will, as well as the intellect.

Cultivate good study habits by providing them a place to work without interruption.

Show an interest in the programs through the many avenues of communication and parent involvement within the school.

Encourage your child to communicate their acquired knowledge through real-life situations and parish community involvement.

Monitor programs and activities to ensure you are broadening their educational/spiritual scope.

Keep a positive outlook on school/church staff and activities to avoid the danger of prejudicing your child against those who fill a major role in their lives.





Curriculum Design

Our curriculum instruction is designed to provide an integrated growth: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical.


St. Patrick Interparish School stresses a solid curriculum, offering a strong foundation for all subjects.  The curriculum includes Catholic religious studies, mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, media, art, technology, physical education and music.


Special Educational Needs

Our school now offers a Morning Star Program for children with special needs. We are proud to offer this opportunity to our students who require a little extra help. We make the program as inclusive as possible to ensure that all of our students obtain the highest academic standards while also maintaining a sense of belonging to our school.


Additionally, we offer Title I services, such as reading and math skills from Kindergarten through fifth grade.


Religious Education

It is for this reason alone that St. Patrick Interparish School exists today. This is the singular element that makes us different from the public school system.  Because our philosophy is totally gospel oriented, the curriculum is taught in light of a Christian value system.  Christian morals and values consciously saturate our educational program.  The Christian way of life is a vital part of our school.  In order to encourage the awareness of God’s presence, parents are encouraged to remind their child of the importance of morning and evening prayers in their lives as well as the importance of responsibly living out their faith.


We truly believe and live out the ideal that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. All students are required to participate in our Religious Education Program; due respect is accorded to their religious beliefs. Catholic students participate in the reception of the Catholic Sacraments.  Weekly Mass and Special Masses or prayer services are provided for all students. Reconciliation services are also celebrated at special times during the school year.



St. Patrick School is firmly committed to a spirit of Christian Stewardship. The basic principle of stewardship is that all we have is a gift from God, and that we are called by God to give of these gifts, our talents, time and treasure back to the Lord in joyful gratitude for all He has given us. Our School motto is Religion, Respect and Responsibility. We encourage everyone at our school to live out this model on a daily basis.


Teaching these principles to our students is a large part of our focus. The students learn that God has given each of them gifts that are unique.  It is up to each individual to develop these gifts and use them for good in the world, all for the glory of God.  The students will be asked to do their studies to the best of their capabilities, to behave kindly and compassionately, and to show their best effort in extracurricular activities.


Social justice activities are important ways for students to learn about the needy in their world.  “Whatsoever you do for the least of My people, you do unto Me.” Our students will participate in a series of activities throughout the year designed to help them understand their role in the care of the world’s underprivileged.


Student Evaluation

Report cards (Grades K-8) are provided through our FACTS SIS System four times a year


Progress reports Our FACTS SIS System provides an update on the student’s continued progress in academic subjects. Teachers are required to update this on a weekly basis.  After review of this portal, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher if any concerns arise.  Teachers are also required to contact parents when a student’s grade drops below a 60% average.



Diocese of St. Augustine

When a school accepts a student, that school accepts the responsibilities of educating that student.  It is expected that the performance of each student will be directed toward maximizing the individual’s abilities and talents. The uniqueness and individual differences of each student are strong beliefs in the value system of our Catholic Schools and every effort should be made to meet the varying needs among our students within the realm of local resources.


Several factors are considered in the promotion of the student:


class performance according to grade level requirements

student age and ability

student achievement on tests and examinations

successful achievement of required passing average


Retention Policy

Most students will be able to follow the school’s regular program of sequential learning.  However, testing, diagnosis, and actual performance may indicate that some students cannot complete a year’s work in that time; therefore, it may be necessary to retain a student an additional year in a particular grade.  For some of our students, a mandatory summer program may be necessary for them to advance to the next grade. After weighing all factors the final decision to retain a student will be the principals.




Honor Roll Certificates are presented every nine weeks at the end of Mass in grades four through eighth to students maintaining at least a “B” in all graded subjects and appropriate conduct. All parents are welcomed to attend. Grades and discipline actions can be viewed through the parent portal. 


Superintendent’s Award - Students in grades 6-8 who have earned honors all 4 quarters.


Diocesan Honor Roll - Students in grades 4-8 who have earned honors all 4 quarters.


Student Athlete-             1. Honors all four quarters.

2. Must have participated in a least two sports.

3. Approval of the principal.


Graduate Awards are presented to eighth grade students who are outstanding in academics, leadership and service.




An extensive testing program is carried out in the elementary schools of the Diocese.  The Terra Nova Tests are given every year from 2nd to 8th grade.  The results of these tests will be sent home to the parents.


Scores from these tests are kept in the cumulative records in the school office.  These records are sent to the next school when a pupil leaves St. Patrick Interparish School.


The teachers are always willing to discuss your student’s progress with you. Appointments with teachers may be made through the school office.



Homework is an extension of the school day.  Its purpose is to reinforce and enrich the learning process.  Study assignments, along with written assignments, are extremely important for success.  Parents are urged to see that their students complete their homework regularly and correctly. To earn full credit, homework is due to the teacher at the class meeting time on the day it is due.  (Summer reading may be required.)  Because of the varying educational levels of each student, the amount of time needed for completion of homework assignments will vary.  Students in grades 2nd through 8th grade are encouraged to document their planners on a daily basis for all upcoming assignments and projects. Late assignments must be submitted to the assigning teacher as soon as possible. It will be the discretion of the teacher to decide the academic consequences of late assignments.  Assignments not turned in will earn “0” credit.



Make-up Work

Absentees will be allowed one (1) day for each absence to make up assignments missed.  Middle School will allow 1 day for make-up for each day missed, regardless of class meeting.  (Extended absences will be addressed individually.)  Make-up work is due regardless of the class meeting.  Tests will be made up immediately upon return, and long term assignments will be due as scheduled.



Textbooks remain the property of the school.  Students are obligated to take very special care of them.  Contact paper and tape must not be used on books.  Books must be returned in as good a condition as they were received, allowance being made for wear caused by careful use.  Writing in texts is forbidden.  If books are damaged or lost, payment for the replacement of the book is required.


Physical Education

Physical education is essential for the holistic education that St. Patrick’s provides for the student.  Physical fitness, motor skills, recreational and team sports and development games are major components of the curriculum.  Any student who is unable to participate must present a note from his/her parent.   Extended inability to participate will require a note from a physician, stating the reason and length of time for which the student is to be excused.  Students not wearing proper shoes/uniform will not be allowed to participate.





St. Patrick Interparish School is a Catholic School in which the tenets of the Catholic faith are taught and upheld.  The school is an operation of the parishes of Gainesville and surrounding areas.  Families of our school community are expected to support Gospel values and their church ministries.


Nondiscriminatory Policy

St. Patrick School has an open admission policy.  No person, on the grounds of race, color, gender, disability or national origin, is excluded or otherwise subjected to discrimination in the receiving of services.  Nor does the school discriminate in hiring, promotion, discharge, pay, fringe benefits, job training, classification, referral and other aspects of employment on the basis of race, color, disability, age, gender, or national origin.



Harassment and Discrimination Policy

St. Patrick School is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment.  In keeping with this commitment, the school will not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of a person’s protected status, such as gender, color, race, ancestry, national origin, age, physical disability, mental condition, marital status, veteran status, citizenship status.  All employees, faculty members and students are protected under this policy.  In addition, this policy applies to all conduct occurring on school grounds, at assignments outside the school, or at school-sponsored events.  All students are responsible for helping to assure that any harassment or discrimination is reported.  If a student witnesses or learns of any conduct that violates this policy, the student must immediately report the incident to his/her principal.  If, however, the principal is the individual who is believed to have engaged in the inappropriate conduct, the student should notify the Superintendent of Schools of the Diocese of St. Augustine.  If an investigation reveals that inappropriate conduct has occurred, the school will take corrective action based on the circumstances.



Registration Procedures

Re-registration for students already attending St. Patrick Interparish School is held during January of every year.  All returning families are to reregister on line using the FACTS SIS website. For questions, contact our admissions office. New family registration will begin in February.  Failure to re-register prior to specified deadline may result in loss of space.


Students entering our Pre-kindergarten Program must be three or four years of age by September 1st.  Students entering Kindergarten must be five years old by September 1st.  Students entering our first grade must be six by September 1st and have attended Kindergarten.


A registration fee must be paid by each returning or new student, at the time his/her registration forms are submitted.  The registration fee is non-refundable.


Waiting List

In the event a grade has full enrollment, students may be added to a waiting list. After returning students have their opportunity to reregister in January, open enrollment begins shortly after. At that time enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.




Students transferring from other schools must present official certification of grade level and a report card.  All new students will be interviewed and screened.


Students withdrawing from school should give notice at least two (2) weeks in advance to allow time to process the paperwork.  Records will not be forwarded until all school accounts have been cleared.



Student accident insurance is provided for all students.  An additional policy covers participants in the athletic programs.  Both policies have limited benefits and are supplementary to any other insurance in force. Claim forms may be obtained from the school office.







Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Soccer Co-ed



Junior Varsity Girls Basketball

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball

Varsity Girls Basketball

Varsity Boys Basketball

Varsity Cheerleading



Junior Varsity Girls Track

Junior Varsity Boys Track

Varsity Girls Track

Varsity Boys Track

Golf Team (5th through 8th Grades) Co-ed



Transportation to and from practices and games is the responsibility of the parents.  Coaches are not allowed to transport students.  Siblings must bring a note and follow check-out procedures for early dismissal.  All carpools must be arranged before the day of the game.


Suspension Policy for Athletics

Grades and conduct must be satisfactory to try out for a team.  Any student serving a detention for academics or behavior is suspended from the team the week they serve the detention.


In all sports seasons, the student will be dismissed from the team on the third detention/suspension.  Any student suspended from school will not be eligible to participate in athletics for a period to be determined by the Principal and the Athletic Director.


Code of Conduct

Students, parents, and coaches will sign "The Code of Conduct" explaining the behavior expected of ALL participants in the Athletic Program






Regular and punctual attendance is extremely important for success at school.  It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to have students in regular attendance.



Daily attendance and punctuality are important to the student from the very first day of school.  The earlier students learn they have something important to do, the more satisfactory their growth will be.  The only excusable absences are for illness, grave reasons and emergencies.


A minimum attendance requirement of 37 days per grading period should be maintained to qualify a student for a passing grade for that quarter.


When a student is going to be absent, the parent should call the office between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., to explain the absence.  The student is to bring a note to his/her homeroom teacher on the morning of his/her return, written and signed by the parent explaining the absence.  


Any student arriving tardy, after 11:30 will be marked absent.



School Hours

School hours are from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.  School will be dismissed at 12:00 pm on Early Dismissal Days.  ASP will be available until 6:00 pm on early dismissal days. Children must have a packed lunch for early dismissal days.


Pre-K through 8th Tardiness

School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m.   A daily bell will ring at 8:00 a.m. at which time students should be in their classroom, unpacking and getting ready for the day. Any student coming into class after 8:00 a.m. will receive a tardy slip and must be signed into the office by their parent/adult. A service hour will be added to the parents’ responsibility after every five unexcused tardies. 


Arrival and Dismissal

Students who arrive between 7:00 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. must report to the Before School Program in the Cafeteria.  There is a charge for this service.  Students not picked up by 3:15 p.m. will be taken to the After School Program.  Parents will be charged for one day of occasional ASP use. When dropping off or picking up students in the car pick up line, you must remain in your car and follow the traffic pattern.  Safety Patrol members will locate and assist students to their cars.  Once all students are unloaded or aboard, you may pull out of the drop-off/pick-up lane and slowly proceed to the exit.  For the safety of all, STUDENTS MAY ONLY GET IN AND OUT ON THE RIGHT SIDE 


Any student walking to school or riding a bicycle must have written parental permission on file in the school office.


Rainy Day Dismissal

Whenever rain poses a problem preventing a regular dismissal, the rainy day dismissal plan will be put into effect.  During rainy day dismissal, students will remain in the classrooms closest to the car pick up area.  Safety Patrol members will locate students and assist them to their cars.  It is especially important during rainy day pick-up that drivers not park in the car pick up line, but carefully and patiently remain in the traffic pattern until their riders are brought to their cars.






The essence of Christian discipline is self-discipline. At St. Patrick Interparish School discipline is considered an essential aspect of Christian development.  Its purpose is to form loving people who appreciate themselves, others, and, most of all, the God who created them. Enrollment as a student at St. Patrick Interparish School implies the willingness of both parents and students to comply with all policies and regulations of the school. We operate on the premise of positive expectations produce positive results. Our system is known as the Panther Pride and is based around recognizing students for their positive behavior.



Student responsibilities:

Classroom rules: Students are expected to follow the rules

    established for orderly classroom management.

Student Etiquette:  Students are expected to practice appropriate

    school behavior and manners in each classroom.

Uniform Policy Dress Code:  Students are expected to follow

    the rules and regulations of our uniform policy and dress code,

    and to come to school in uniform daily, unless special dress

    days are announced.

Changing Classes:  Students are expected to change classes

    quietly - moving in the hallways quietly in consideration of


Care of Building: Students are expected to take pride in the

    school building and grounds and to keep them clean and

    attractive.  Students are expected to pick up all paper and

    litter from the classroom and hallway floors at the end of each class    


    Students are expected to keep their lockers and desks clean and


Students marking on or damaging school equipment or property

    in any way will be required  to clean the article and pay for the

   damages. This also applies to property of other students or

   school personnel.

Vandalism:  The school prohibits graffiti on any items including

   notebooks, books, binders, clothing, homework, or any other

   object that is brought to school.  Vandalism of school property

   will be dealt with severely.


Discipline Policy

St. Patrick Interparish School is a Christian community based on respect for the individual; therefore, there are times when it may be necessary for a student to serve an after school detention


Demerit system


St. Patrick School works on the merit and demerit system. Merits are earned by going above and beyond expectations and are followed up with recognition and rewards. Merits are recognized at the end of each quarter. Demerits are received for any infractions not listed in the “Serious Disciplinary Infractions” that the teacher determines are detrimental to the learning environment. Once a student has reached 10 demerits, a detention is earned. During the week of detention, the student cannot participate in any extra curricula after school activities. 20 demerits result in suspension and 40 demerits may result in expulsion after the Academic Review Team convenes. The student and parents will meet with the principal after 20 demerits are earned.  


Serious Disciplinary Infractions

Serious disciplinary infraction may lead to possible suspension/expulsion:


Continued misbehavior, which undermines the classroom

    discipline and impedes academic progress of the other students.

Actions endangering other students, school personnel or other


Physical and/or verbal demonstrations indicating a lack of

    respect for peers/authority.

Use of unacceptable language/behavior.


Use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or drugs.

Behavior that distracts from the moral/spiritual welfare of other


Harassment, in any form, or threatening behavior (words or

    deeds) to other students, school personnel or other individuals.

Students sent home for any reason during the day may not

    attend extra-curricular activities.

The misuse of social media.


Work missed during suspension will receive a zero and cannot be made up.


Due Process for Elementary Students

St. Patrick Catholic School, as a faith community, will impart fairness and a sense of justice in all action and judgments made by administrators and teachers in dealing with their students.  While it is important to protect and maintain the rights of the students and their parents, it is also important that the students and their parents be made aware of their respective responsibilities which arise from and complement these rights.


Students and parents are presumed to be aware of established school rules and regulations in effect at the time of registration and as subsequently amended.


Students and parents shall have the right to be informed either orally or in writing of the school rules, which have been violated and of the specific grounds for disciplinary action.


The faculty and administration have consistently and diligently worked toward providing our students with a safe and wholesome atmosphere where education and values are taught and practiced.


In order to ensure this atmosphere, the following procedures will be enacted when necessary.


1.   When there is a major violation or multiple infractions of the student code of conduct, which the handbook states result in suspension or expulsion, the student’s parents/guardian will be called and informed of the violation.  The parent may be required to immediately pick up the student from school.  The student will thereafter be suspended from school until a decision is reached on the violation and the consequences.


2.   A review board will be convened within 72 hours after suspension, excluding weekends and holidays, to consider the violation and the consequences.  The review board will consist of the principal, other appropriate persons chosen by the principal and a teacher chosen by the student.  The student and at least one parent /guardian will be present during the board hearing at which time the student will be allowed to present his/her case.  The board will then make a decision, which will be enforced by the school.


3.   Parents/ guardians may appeal the decision to the Pastor for further review.


4.   The decision of the pastor will be carried out and upheld by the school administration.


5.   The disciplinary decision is not subject to appeal to the Diocesan Due Process board.  However, failure of the school to follow its discipline procedure as outlined in the handbook is appealable.  However, if the school has followed its procedures as outlined in the handbook, there will be no appeal.


Grievance Procedure

Parents are encouraged to address any problems they may have regarding their student’s progress or classroom behavior with the student’s teacher.  If the matter is not resolved to the parent’s satisfaction, redress may be taken to the principal.  If the matter is still not resolved, it may be taken up with the pastor and finally with the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools.


Recommended Transfer

A transfer recommendation will be made only in exceptional cases and for the most urgent reasons, such as for scandal, immoral behavior or severe behavioral concerns.  No refund of tuition or fees will be made in the event of expulsion.


St. Patrick Interparish School has a NO HIT policy.  Fighting of ANY sort will NOT be TOLERATED.  If any student strikes another student (even in retaliation) that student will be sent home IMMEDIATELY.





Any staff member who knows or has cause to suspect that a child is abused or neglected will report such knowledge following the procedures outlined by Florida state law.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Faculty members are always eager to discuss pupil progress with parents. Parents should call the school office to request a conference with a teacher. (Please allow 24 hours notice.)  At no time should a parent come to see or call a teacher during school hours.


Parent Teacher Organization

Every parent registered at St. Patrick Interparish School is automatically a member of the PTO.  Meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the year.  Meeting dates and pertinent Association information are posted online and in newsletters.


School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board meets periodically throughout the school year. 



Students are permitted to use the school phone only in case of emergency. Students will not be called to the phone during school hours.  Please make sure that your student knows what after school procedure to follow each day.  Students should not be calling to arrange transportation.




Internet Communication and Usage

Photos and names (first name only) of students may appear on the St. Patrick Interparish School Internet web page.  Parents/guardians wishing to exclude their students from such exposure must notify the school in writing.


In virtue of the values professed in all Catholic schools of the Diocese of St. Augustine, appropriate use of the Internet available to students and teachers on our school site is assumed.  We are very pleased to bring this access to our school community and believe the Internet offers vast, diverse, and unique resources to both students and teachers.  Our goal in providing this service to teachers and students is to promote educational excellence in our school by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication.


The most important prerequisite for someone to receive an Internet access privilege is that he or she takes full responsibility for his or her own actions and observes the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.  Although our faculty will provide appropriate guidance and supervision of Internet use, our school and the sponsor of this Internet connection will not be liable for the actions of anyone connecting to the Internet through this hook-up.  All users and/or their parents or legal guardians shall assume full liability, legal, financial, or responsibility, for their actions.




Internet Terms and Conditions of Use:

1.   All Internet access must be in support of education and research and consistent with the educational objectives of the Diocese of St. Augustine.


2.    The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in suspension or cancellation of that privilege.


3.   Do not post personal contact information about yourself or other people.  Personal contact information includes your complete name, home address, telephone number, school address and credit card number.  Do not agree to meet with someone you have met online. Report the incident to your teacher immediately.


4.   Be polite and use appropriate language.  Do not be abusive in your messages to others.  Do not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language.  Promptly report any message you receive that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable to your teacher.  Remember that electronic mail (e-mail) is not private.  Others also have access to all mail.  Incoming e-mail will be received through a classroom account and may be reviewed by your teacher or the school's Technology Coordinator.


5.   Do not attempt to access information that is profane or obscene, that advocates illegal acts, or that advocates violence or discrimination towards other persons.  Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.  If you mistakenly access inappropriate information, immediately tell your teacher.  Do not show    the information to other users.  This will protect you against a claim that you have intentionally violated this policy.


6.   Do not download any software without the prior consent of your teacher.  Do not bring or use portable memory devices to school without your teacher's permission.  Do not make any deliberate attempt to disrupt the computer system or destroy data by spreading    computer viruses or by any other means.


7.   The school specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through Internet services.  Do not use information in reports, etc., without citing the source.  Use of another's work without a citation is plagiarism.




Our school has an emergency evacuation /lock down plan which is revised annually.


Emergency Drills

Fire drills and other evacuation drills, as well as lock down and code red procedures, are held on a regular basis throughout the year.


Emergency Closing

We abide by the Diocese of St. Augustine on decisions as to whether school will be in session.  Parents please log on for updates on .


In disasters such as hurricanes, storms, tornadoes or other severe weather disturbances, we heed the Diocese of St. Augustine because our school has a different mission then the public schools.






St. Patrick Interparish School provides an extended care program before and after school.  This is open to any St. Patrick student and is offered on school days, scheduled half-days and scheduled teachers’ workdays.


Before School Program

Before School Program is available from 7:00 a.m. - 7:45 a.m.  If your student arrives at school before 7:45 a.m., he or she MUST go to the Before School Program, in the school cafeteria. (See Registration Packet for costs.)


After School Program

This program is an extension of our school day.  Space permitting, the After School Program is available to parents who are unable to pick their students up by 3:15 p.m.  The hours are 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., on school days; 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on scheduled half-days; and 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on scheduled teachers’ workdays.  The program’s regular agenda includes recreation, study time, crafts, quiet time and a healthy snack.  Students must be pre-enrolled into the program and the cost of the program depends upon the frequency of use and the number of students a family has registered for the program. (See Registration packet for current costs.)


NOTE:  Extended Care Program is subject to all policies regarding the normal school program.


It is very important that students be picked up from school on time.  All students must be picked up by 3:15 p.m.  If a student is not picked up on time, he/she will be taken to the After School Program.  In this event, the student's parent or guardian will be responsible for paying a one day charge for after school care.


Students may NOT remain on campus after school dismissal unless they are in their parent or guardian's direct supervision, are in the After School Program, or are participating in an organized, approved after school activity with adult supervision.  Students participating in after school activities who are not in the After School Program MUST be with a parent or guardian until the activity begins, and must be picked up by a parent or guardian at the time the activity ends.  Students not picked up on time must remain with the adult leader of the activity until picked up.


Students of St. Patrick may not leave the school campus after school unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, or PRIOR WRITTEN PARENTAL CONSENT is filed with the School Office. 



Extra-curricular activities include Altar Servers, Student Council, Safety Patrol, Chess Club, Interscholastic Athletic Teams, Mu Alpha Theta and Treble Choir, as well as other after school clubs that are formed each year.


These activities are an extension of the school day; therefore, all policies and regulations of the school are valid.


For insurance purposes, students must be under adult supervision at all times on campus during extra-curricular activities. (Athletic activities, plays, meetings, etc...)


1.   All students must be under direct supervision of parent or other designated adult.

2.   With the exception of the restrooms, students should not be in other areas without an adult.

3.   When attending an event in the gym or dining hall, the school side of the building is off limits.

4.   All offices are not to be entered.

5.   Please report any vandalism immediately.


Failure to comply with the policies of the school will result in loss of the privilege to participate in extra-curricular activities.



Class field trips are educational enrichment for the classroom lessons. Student attendance on field trips is a privilege.  Students failing to meet behavioral or academic requirements will be unable to participate.  Bus transportation will be used whenever possible.  If private vehicles must be used, the following is required:


1. The driver must be 21 years of age or older.

2. The driver must have a valid, non-probationary driver’s license.

3. The vehicle must have a valid registration.

4. The vehicle must be insured for minimum limits of $100,000 

     per person / $300,000 per occurrence.

5. All parent chaperones must have completed Protecting God’s

    Children and cleared background check prior to field trips.

6. Seat belts must be used.

7. Students assigned to your group must be with you at all times.

8. No unauthorized stops should be made during travel.


Siblings in other classes will not be allowed to attend field trips other than their own.  Parents are asked not be bring younger siblings on field trips, since total attention should be given to students.


Students not able to participate will be assigned to another class.  No student may go on a field trip unless a signed parent permission slip has been sent to the office.


Due dates for signed permission slips and fees required will be strictly enforced.


Tuition & Finance Policy 


Financial Responsibility

All St. Patrick parents or guardians are responsible for all school expenses for their children which include tuition, all fees, after-school care charges (if applicable), transportation charges (if applicable), and service hour charges.  The school appreciates the sacrifices our parents and guardians make to provide a quality Catholic education to their children.


Nonpayment of Tuition and Other Financial Obligations

If tuition and/or other financial obligations are not paid on time, the parents will be contacted by the School Finance Assistant.  The accuracy of the account will be verified at that time, prior to any action being taken. Parents have one week to make current their account.  If the parents do not do so, then the Principal will contact the parents.


Parents should be proactive in contacting the Principal before a payment is not made, especially if they have a serious financial difficulty.  He will assist the parents to resolve the financial difficulty, if possible.  Tuition assistance may be available through one’s family parish.  Repayment agreements must be approved by the Principal.


A tuition payment and other substantial financial obligations cannot be in arrears for over one month without a resolution of the difficulty.  Families who can no longer meet their financial obligations to the school must withdraw their children from the school.  Once this unfortunate situation is determined, the family has another month to make arrangements for their child or children to attend another school.


In a case where the family will not communicate and make repayment arrangements or if the family does not keep such agreements, it will be assumed that such a family no longer wants to continue their financial responsibilities to St. Patrick School.  They must withdraw their child or children from the school.


Parents who owe past tuition and fees, and who have not settled their account prior to the beginning of the school year, will be contacted by the school to arrange for a payment plan.  This meeting and a payment plan  of past tuition and fees are mandatory. (See also “Tuition Assistance”)


Tuition Assistance

The main form of tuition assistance comes through Step up for students, Florida Empowerment,  McKay, and Gardiner Scholarships. Please go to or inquire at the front office for applying to these scholarships.


The parishes may have tuition assistance and a procedure for applying for such assistance.  Families should be financially screened through the FACTS Management Company to determine need, this includes families with past due tuition and fees.


Approved Methods of Payment

Payment of the application fee for children of either returning school parents or new parents to the school places the children in a queue for screening for new admissions. Upon successful screening children are available for registration.


Payment of the initial registration fee places a new or a returning child into a holding position until a place is determined for the child, if a place is available.  This fee is not refundable.  Once a place is determined, the balance of the school fees must be paid by August 1st or immediately upon admission.  


Families have four options for the payment of tuition:


1. One lump sum payment of the full amount due for the year, payable by August 1st.  A 4% discount can be taken on the tuition portion of the amount prior to payment if the date required is met.


2. Two lump sum payments, each for one-half of the full amount due for the year.  These payments are due August 1st and December 1st.   A 2% discount can be taken on the tuition portion of the amount prior to payments if the required payment dates are met.


3. Ten equal monthly payments, commencing in August and concluding in May.  If a family chooses this option, payments must be collected by the FACTS Management Company by means of electronic transfer (automatic withdrawal) of funds from checking, savings, or credit card accounts.


4. Twelve equal monthly payments, commencing in June and continuing through May.  If a family chooses this option, payments must be collected by the FACTS Management Company by means of electronic transfer (automatic withdrawal) of funds from checking, savings, or credit card accounts.



Monthly tuition payments will be processed by the FACTS Company on the choice of either the 1st or 15th of every month, June or August through May.  The payments will be automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account, or charged to a credit card, as instructed by the family.


Enrollment in the FACTS Program, including instructions for the source of funds to be transferred, will take place at the time of school registration.  If tuition and other fees will be paid monthly, registration of a student is not completed, and space in a classroom not reserved, until forms for FACTS enrollment are properly completed and submitted.  An enrollment fee will be charged by FACTS, and will be electronically transferred prior to the start of the school year.


In the event any electronic transfer of funds initiated by the FACTS Program is not completed due to insufficient funds or a closed account, FACTS will automatically assess a fee, and will re-attempt transfer of funds.  The Finance Office of the school is monitoring the withdrawals and will be notified by FACTS in the event of insufficient funds or a closed account.


Cancellation of one’s FACTS account will result in immediate contact by the school with the parents.  The parents must either immediately reinstate a FACTS account or pay the rest of the tuition in full.  Failure to do so means that the child will be withdrawn from the school.


Service Hours Commitment

All volunteers must be fingerprinted and have completed the Protecting God’s Children in-service.  Enrollment at St. Patrick Interparish School is an expression of your commitment to a quality education for your children and their classmates.  The involvement of our parents is one of the reasons St. Patrick Interparish School has earned the excellent reputation for which it is known in the community.  Every family is required to do service hours for the school in some capacity.  If a family is unable, or chooses not to do so, a required contribution must be made to the school in the amount of $20.00 for each hour of obligation that is not completed.


The number of service hours required for the school year is 25 hours per family (12.5 hours for single parent families).  History has shown that most parents will put in more hours than the minimum.  The required contribution for families who do not participate is $500.00 ($250 for

single parent families), or $20.00 per hour for each of the minimum hours not completed.  There are many committees and activities which offer numerous ways in which you can serve the school.  Service can be performed over the summer, before, during or after school, in the evenings, on weekends, and some tasks can be performed at home.


It is the responsibility of parents to record their service hours on Renweb.  Service hour computer entries must be prior to the December Christmas Break and again prior to April 15th.  Service hours will be tabulated each year, and families who have not completed their required hours are liable for payment to the school of  $20.00 for each hour not completed.


Financial Aid

Any Catholic family desiring to register at our school in grades K-8, but unable to afford the full tuition, may file for financial assistance with FACTS.  Forms may be obtained online at  The eligibility for financial aid is based upon financial information submitted to FACTS.  Financial aid is then awarded by the school based upon the need as determined by FACTS, and the amount of funds available.





Health Services

Our school health services:


1. Provide for emergency care of sick or injured by having an

     emergency phone number listed on the registration form.


2. Provide on-site care to students for illness and minor injury

pending: Students may return to the classroom, or be released to

    parent/guardian or other authorized individuals.


3. Contact parents and emergency services (911) immediately in

    the event of life-threatening illness or severe injury.


4. Coordinate Vision and Hearing Screening, (Older students are

    also screened for scoliosis and body mass).


5. Maintain a health record for each student.


Students needing medication while at school must have a “Parent’s Permission for the Administration of Medication Form” filled out and signed by the parent/guardian.  All medications must be sent in the original container with the name, required dosage and time to be given.  Medicine must be left in the school office and will be dispensed by school personnel. No student should have medication in their possession at any time. (Exception: Asthma sprays may be kept with students with proper forms completed by doctor and returned to the office.)


When a student is sent to the office for medical attention, his/her complaint is documented.  Parents will be notified and required to take their student home if they have a fever, are vomiting or have diarrhea.  Students will not be permitted to school the following day and must be free of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea before returning to school.


A student who has been absent due to a contagious disease must return to school with a signed note from a health care provider and present it to the school office prior to returning to class.


Head Lice Policy

Students found with an infestation of live Head Lice will be sent home for treatment.  All articles of clothing, backpacks and personal items will be placed in a plastic bag and sent home with the student.


Students must be “nit free” (All Louse eggs laid on the hair shaft removed) in order to return to school.  Before a student is allowed to return to the classroom, the student must report to the school clinic to be inspected for any evidence of nits.  This policy follows public health guidelines to decrease the incidence and spread of head lice.





The purpose of a clean, neat appearance and appropriate attire is to teach students a respect for themselves and others.


St. Patrick Interparish School has adopted the following uniform/dress code. (See below.)  These uniforms help to identify our students and should be worn with pride.  


Grades 1 - 8 Boys:


Navy blue long pants or shorts must have belt loops (no skinny pants or cargo pants/ shorts)

Green, grey, or blue polo shirt with St. Patrick emblem.  In cold weather, a solid matching shirt may be worn under the polo.

• Solid color Gray, White, Black, or Navy Blue socks. No-show socks are permitted

    (company logos permitted if they are black or white)**

Black or Brown Belt

Tie (Optional)

   On Mass days boys will wear navy blue long pants and a white button up oxford shirt.


Grades 1 - 8 Girls:

Plaid Skorts, Shorts or navy blue pants.  (no skinny pants)

Plaid  Jumpers are also optional for grades 1st through 3rd

Green, grey or blue polo shirt with St. Patrick emblem. In cold weather, a solid  matching shirt may be worn under the polo.

• Grey, White, Black, or Navy Blue socks. No-show socks are permitted

    (company logos permitted if they are black or white)

Skorts and shorts should fit appropriately and not be too short or tight fitting. The homeroom teacher’s discretion with the guidance of the dean will determine the infraction.   

For Mass girls 1st through 3rd will wear the white peter pan blouse and girls 4th through 8th a white button up oxford shirt with appropriately colored undergarments. Navy blue pants are also permitted.


All skorts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets must be purchased through Poindexter’s Uniforms website or their location on 3730 beach blvd Jacksonville Fl. 32207 or Campus Outfitters on Archer road.  A link to the company is provided on our website.


Note: all uniforms previously purchased from Sir Walter and the uniform closet may be worn until they no longer fit or are in poor condition.



Outer wear for Boys or Girls:

  Hoodies: Green or Blue with school logo

Jackets:  Hunter Green with white school logo

Sweatshirt: Navy blue with school logo

Navy Blue Cardigan sweaters with no school logo

Non-uniform outerwear will not be allowed to be worn in the classrooms.




Black , white, grey or brown Navy blue for any of the shoes below

   Saddle Oxfords

   Deck Shoes

   Penny Loafers

   Tennis Shoes (solid color/conservative. (no neon) Company logos permitted (laces should match the shoe and not the logo.)

   Mary Janes

   Lace-up Shoes



Black, white, grey, brown or navy blue for any of the shoes below

   Lace-up Shoes

   Deck Shoes

   Penny Loafers

   Tennis Shoes (solid color/conservative. Company logos permitted, laces should match the shoe and not the logo)




P. E. Uniforms


Grades 1 – 2

Tennis shoes (scuff proof) are required on scheduled P. E. Days

No P. E. Uniform until 3rd Grade


Grades 3 – 8

The P.E. shirts need to be solid gray or white crew neck t-shirts, and shorts must be solid hunter green mesh gym shorts.






Non-Uniform Dress Policy for “Dressy Dress” days and

 Middle School Dances



Will wear long dress slacks that are worn on the waist and not hanging down; collared shirts of woven or knit fabric with long or short sleeves. Shirts must be tucked in, and belts are to be worn.  No undergarments should be showing.  Uniform length socks are to be worn with closed

toe dress shoes or uniform shoes.  A tie is optional. **



Will wear shirts with a neckline no lower than the collarbone; shirts must cover the shoulder and be long enough to cover the abdomen from exposure through normal movements.  Backs must be covered.  Undergarments must not show.  Long dress pants can be worn or appropriate length skirts or dresses (no shorter than 2” above the knee).  No tightly fitting clothes are allowed.  All shoes must include a back strap or uniform shoes can be worn. ** Flip-flop style shoes are not permitted.


For all students


Shorts, denim, flip-flops, athletic shoes (other than uniform shoes), hats, nail polish, make-up, hoops or dangling earrings, or gaudy jewelry are not allowed.


Students should dress in a way that is in accordance with our Christian philosophy and wear clothing that is not offensive to others or inappropriate at school and school sponsored events, including but not limited to exposed underwear, saggy/baggy pants and clothing promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang identification, weapons and/or sexual behavior.

** Can wear dress uniform as an alternative option.  Exceptions to this Non-Uniform Dress Policy will be allowed by the school administration on pre-determined dates and will be communicated to students and their families via the website or notice home.





Additional Uniform Policy Information

Fad and extreme hair-dos are out of place for both boys and girls.  Boy’s hair length should not touch the top of the shirt collar or cover eyes.

Gaudy jewelry or make-up of any kind is not part of the school attire. Small silver or gold chain necklaces with religious medal or cross may be worn.  Nail polish, make-up, etc., are not appropriate for school.


Pierced earrings may be small and conservative.  Earrings are inappropriate for boys choosing to attend St. Patrick Interparish School and will not be allowed.


Non-uniform Dress Code

Shorts, skorts, skirts must be modest in design and meet a length no

     shorter than 2” above the knee.

Shorts, skorts, skirts and long pants must fit to be kept at the waist.

Sandals must have back straps.

Undergarments must be completely covered at all times.

No make-up.

Clothing is not to be torn in any manner.

No sport shorts, T-shirts or tank tops except with permission for special


No clothing symbolizing war, violence or any theme contrary to our

    school philosophy.





Items Brought To School

At times teachers will allow students to bring toys or materials to school that are not regular school items.  This should only be done with the teacher’s consent.  Expensive items should not be sent to school. Toys or articles that symbolize war or violence are not appropriate in a Catholic school setting.



Electronic Devices

The use of electronic devices such as tablets and iPads are at the discretion of the teacher and must be used only for school work. Unauthorized use of electronic devices will result in the device being confiscated and picked up by the parent or guardian. The students will also loss the privilege of having their device for a specific amount of time as determined by the principal. The use of cellular phones and smart watches are not be permitted during the school hours of 8:00am and 3:15pm and must be kept in the lockers or backpacks. Cellular phone use is at the discretion of the teacher or counselor in charge of any after school activity.


Articles Not Allowed in School

Articles which interfere in any way with school procedures, disrupt instruction, or become hazards to the safety of others, are not allowed. Articles that symbolize war or violence or any theme contrary to our school philosophy are never allowed.


Forgotten Items

Please bring any items to the front office and we will distribute them to the classroom. Lunches brought in after 8:15 a.m. may be left in the office for the students to pick-up at their lunchtime.



Lost and Found

All articles of clothing, lunch boxes and other supplies should be clearly marked with the student’s name. Lost and found items are placed in the closest located in the elementary area. Items are donated to local charities on a semi-annual basis.



Parents are invited to visit and must sign in at the main office and obtain a name tag.  Student guests may visit only with prior principal approval. 



Summer Program

The school offers several programs (Academic Enhancement, Arts Play, Sports Camps) during the ten-week summer break.  A camp (childcare) is provided daily offering a variety of opportunities. (Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)


Monetary Collections

Parents or students may not collect money at school for any reason, unless there is written approval from the principal.  Neither students nor parents may sell anything without written approval from the principal.



Our school is primarily funded by the tuition each student pays.  However, in an effort to keep tuition at a reasonable level for the families who choose a Catholic education, the school must undertake selected fundraisers in order to balance the annual budget.  In addition, certain groups undertake fundraisers to accomplish their goals, such as the Safety Patrol that journeys to DC each year.


Over the years, we have heard input from countless families that they would like to have fundraising kept to a minimal and meaningful limit.  In an effort to respond to these requests, fundraising is kept to a few events per year.  Each family in the school is expected to contribute significantly, either through their time or through donation of funds or services to at least one of these major fundraisers.


Major Fundraisers:

Pot O’Gold Festival--the annual school carnival, held in the spring.  Each

    class sponsors a booth.  Live entertainment and kiddie rides make the

    day a special one for our school community.


Minor fundraisers include safety patrol, PTO, and other individual organizations.






Early Education Addendum to Parent Handbook


Attendance and Illness

Each day is an important day in an early education program. Please make every effort to bring your child to school each day unless he/she is sick. If your child is running a temperature do not send him/her to school. Children with temperatures are not kept in the classrooms for obvious health reasons and are immediately sent home. Students should be free of all symptoms for 24 hours without the aid of medication. This includes fever, vomiting and diarrhea. For the health and safety of the other children, please do not medicate and send them to school.



Children need to be on time. School starts at 8:00 a.m. Tardies are disruptive and lead to a poor start for your child’s day. Children need to be on time to get organized, go to the bathroom, socialize and complete morning work. Often the late child is out-of-step with their peers and the classroom routine as they have missed morning announcements and the job(s) that may be appointed to them that day. Please help your child develop good life habits like punctuality by bringing your child to school on time.


Toilet Training

All children must be completely toilet trained by the start of the school year. To be toilet trained means that they understand bodily urges and react appropriately. Children in pull-ups are not considered completely toilet trained. Accidents should only happen under extenuating circumstances. All children entering St. Patrick School do so under a probationary period.



1. If your child has any special health problems, such as allergies, or phobias such as storms, please inform the teacher in writing on the first day of school.


2. It is very important that we know how to get in touch with you in case of an emergency. Information cards will be sent home the first week of school and must be returned immediately. The Pre K and K teachers also have information forms that they will provide for you to fill out. Please see your classroom teacher for these. If you have any changes in any personal information (i.e. cell phone numbers) during the year be sure to alert the teacher and office to these changes. It is imperative that we have working telephone numbers and a contact list that ensures that your child can be picked up within thirty minutes if needed. 


3. Children receiving medication need a medical release form that can be obtained in the clinic.  This form must be dated and signed by the parent or guardian with the 1) name of the medication, 2) dosage, 3) time of administration and 4) period of time for which the medication is to be administered. Certain medications will be administered in the Pre K and K classrooms and others in the school clinic. A refrigerator is available for items that need to be kept cold. Please inform the teacher if the medication needs to be refrigerated.






1. Just prior to the beginning of school in August, please check the school website for a list of those items that should be brought to school by your child on the first day. Among these items will be a full-size backpack, pocket folder, nap mat (Pre K only) and lunch box (if your child does not purchase hot lunch). Backpacks should be large enough to at least hold the pocket folder, lunch box and personal items. Rolling backpacks and backpacks on wheels are not allowed. Please, no dangling toys attached to the backpack. These are a hazard. Due to space consideration, please do not send any three binders and keep to a regular sized lunch box.


2. As you think about purchasing these items, please keep in mind that in our Christian setting, we do not allow items that depict characters of a violent or gory nature. All items must be age appropriate.


3. Please do not allow your child to bring toys or other trinkets to school. From time to time, days will be designated for children to bring special things to school, but you will be informed ahead of time of the theme or desired objects to be brought in. Any items that come to school should be clearly marked with child's name.



1. The Kindergarten children eat lunch in the lunchroom. Pre K children eat in their classrooms.  Our lunch times are usually around 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The children are escorted to and from lunch and are supervised while eating by the teacher, teaching assistant and/or other volunteers in the lunch area. Children are expected to eat their healthy foods first to ensure a nutritional lunch. As you pack your child’s lunch please keep in mind healthy food choices that limit sugar and allow your child to maximize good behavior and learning. Healthy food choices also teach good nutrition to your child. Sodas are not allowed in lunches or lunchables. The early ed program does not participate in the ice cream program.



2. The Pre K snack program includes two snacks daily. Kindergarten occasionally snacks in the morning and/or in the afternoon. The snack program incorporates several skills in addition to nutrition. This program is used to foster manners, social skills, neat eating habits and to allow the students to experience new foods. At times, we cook and often eat our finished products as part of our snack. However, the program is not intended to be a meal supplement. Be sure to alert your classroom teacher to any food allergies.




1. Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten children do not wear the St Patrick uniform; instead they wear functional street clothes. To accommodate the many activities we do each day, the clothing requirements for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten are as follows:


elastic waist band shorts, pants, skirts (no belts to ensure your child can manage toileting needs)

a plain solid colored tee shirt


non marking tennis shoes with nothing shorter than crew socks 


shirts, tops, dresses must have shoulders, backs, midriffs completely covered.

Please make sure that clothing is comfortable enough for your child to move around in and also allows the student to manage their individual toilet needs. Due to safety considerations, Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten require all children to wear tennis shoes that either velcro or tie with full crew socks (nothing shorter). Light up shoes are not allowed. Girls are not allowed to wear nail polish or makeup. Please, no jewelry – the exception is post earrings.   


2. Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes participate in physical education once a week. No different clothing is required for this, however tennis shoes are to be worn at all times with crew socks; again non marking tennis shoes as they mark the gym floor.


3. Pre K and K children need a complete change of clothes that is to be brought on the first day of school. Please update sizes as your child grows and as seasons change. Pre K-3 also needs an additional pair of shoes. If your child has specific clothing needs due to medical concerns, please see your classroom teacher.


4. Children are not allowed to come to school in super hero, karate or glamour type clothing. The children tend to role-play these characters, and out-of-bounds behavior often results. This includes shoes and watches. All clothing must be modest and appropriate in attire. Tops that show midriffs or skimpy straps i.e. spaghetti straps or off the shoulder clothing are not allowed. No tattoos of any kind are permitted. Additionally, all backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. should have a theme that is positive and nuturing.


Transportation, drop off and pick up

1. Children arriving before 7:50 a.m. must go to the lunchroom for supervision. A teacher will pick up the children and escort them to the appropriate classroom. Classroom doors are locked until 7:50 a.m. Please do not leave your child unattended at the classroom door or in the care of other parents or siblings. 


2. Pre K dismisses at 2:45 p.m. and children will be sent to ASP if not picked up by 3:00 p.m.   Kindergarten dismisses at 3:00 p.m. and children will be sent to ASP if not picked up by 3:15 p.m. 


3. It would be very helpful if we could personally meet, in advance, any one authorized to pick up your child. This is especially true of visiting relatives. Under no circumstances will a child be released without proper authorization.


4. Each and every time you are unable to pick up your child, you must send a note that morning dated and signed that states who is picking up your child that day. Please include the authorized person’s name, and if possible birth date (we check driver’s licenses). There is a pick up authorization form that can be used to include the above information and expedite your time. We will check the form once we know who’s picking up. Be sure to advise us and the office of any changes in pick up.


5. If you are car pooling, or your child is picked up by one of the local day care centers, we need a note from you, dated and signed, stating with whom your child is permitted to ride and for which days of the week this is effective.








Student Progress


1. In Kindergarten, report cards come out three times a year. The first marking period is mid January. Report cards are an indication of the growth your child is attaining. Many developmental surges occur at this age level, and consequently the rate of progress is not consistent.


2. Pre K gets progress reports twice a year: once in January and once at the end of the year.



Classroom Behavior Expectations


1. Each classroom has a behavior management program that monitors your child’s behavior throughout the school day. Your child is expected to cooperate appropriately and function within the framework used in their classroom management system. A letter will be sent home at the beginning of the school year that explains how the system works in your child’s classroom.


2. Children who display behaviors that are extremely disruptive or pose a threat to that child, to other students or to staff will be sent home. Spitting, biting, kicking and scratching will not be tolerated. All contact telephone numbers need to be current and up to date.


3. Please refer to the behavior/disciplinary norms in the Student Parent Handbook for a further description of school policy and parent/student expectations.





Special Days

1. Kindergarten attends weekly Friday mass. Pre K 4 attends an occasional Mass.


2. There are some days during the year designated early dismissal. These are noted on the school calendar well in advance.


3. Siblings in other classes are not allowed to attend field trips other than their own classrooms’. Chaperoning parents are not allowed to bring younger siblings on a field trip since total attention needs to be given to the students entrusted to their care. In order to chaperone, you must have taken “Protecting God’s Children”, turned in a certificate of attendance and have a cleared criminal background check on record with the school. Please see the Student Parent Handbook for further information on field trips.


4. We make a really special day out of birthdays. It is the child's personal day, and we do the utmost to recognize it. Birthday treats are always welcome but are up to the birthday parent’s discretion. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, fruit, raisins and jell-O all make excellent treats.  Absolutely no peanuts or peanut butter products, nuts of any type or coconut are allowed in the classroom party snacks due to allergy concerns.  Please check ingredient labels carefully on any item you purchase. If you would like to supply juice, any of the fruit juices or punch are acceptable. Gum is never allowed on the school campus and hard candy is prohibited because of the choking hazard it poses. Birthday invitations to outside of school parties can only be passed out in the classroom when all of the classroom children are invited. We are sure that you can understand the problems that can arise when some children are not included in these events. Parents are not allowed to pass out any individual items in the classroom or place anything in other children’s folders. Please see your classroom teacher for further clarificatio